PR / Disclaimer


'Judy Rudy Beauty' is primarily a beauty blog, the majority of my posts will be dedicated to products or brands I have enjoyed using and therefore want to share & promote to my readers. Everything beauty related whether that be make up, hair or skincare will almost always be the topic of conversation, however I also like to feature the occasional lifestyle post. - this way I can let my readers in on what I'm up to outside of the beauty blogging world. 

 I am always interested in trying out new products and brands and would be happy to give an honest, unbiased opinion on something sent to me. In recent months I have become particularly interested in trying out natural and/or cruelty free products, if you represent such brand I would love to hear from you.
 As i'm a recently qualified Make-Up Artist, I'm willing to try out anything beauty related, although also consider the non-beauty if it can relate in some way with my blog and my readers. 

If you wish to contact me regarding PR, please email me at


All products within this blog have been bought by my hard earned money, unless indicated with an (*) in the title of the post. As I have no affiliations with companies, all my reviews will be 100% honest & unbiased.

Unless otherwise stated, all photos have been taken by me on my trusty SLR camera, If you wish to use any of my photos please ask my permission first (you can do this via email) and once used please link back to my blog.