The Blogger

My real name is Jessica, Judy came about when I was little, my mum used it a lot on me and it kind of stuck around.. I am 21 years old, from St Albans (which is just outside of London, England)

you could say I've had an eye for beauty, makeup & skincare since a young age and after discovering the beauty blogging world I decided I wanted to write my own little thoughts on everything related. 

As it stands, I am currently a full-time Nanny. I recently qualified as a Makeup Artist, but I am unsure on which path i'd like to take in life, so i'm currently in what one would call the 'living' stage, where i'm taking each day as it comes, whilst I blog about things I love part-time.

I guess you only see the 'love of beauty' side of me, well I have a passion for culture & music. I can't imagine anything better than travelling, (infact I plan on doing so in the next couple of years) seeing the world and exploring different places, I have been lucky enough to see lots of different countries (although I still have a huge list of places I want to visit) I'm usually one of those people that will obsess over how amazing the stars look, or how beautiful a building in Greece is. I'm also musically obsessed, I literally can't go an hour without listening to something, and I usually tend to go for the Norah Jones type, Johnny Cash, Jake Bugg, Paolo Nutini - to name a few. I tend to sing (a lot and not very well) and enjoy discovering new kinds of music and artists. I'm petrified of getting old, and hate not knowing what my future holds.. I believe in love, although I can't say I've ever been in love. However, I do love disney films, infact I'm often described as a big kid, you know one of those crazy people obsessed with Christmas? Yep that'll be me.

On here, you will find product reviews, hauls, monthly favourites & I may throw in a couple of random entries.