Monday, 9 January 2017

#LFBEAUTYBOX - January 2017

'And so the adventure begins..' I bloody love that, its true right? we are officially heading into 2017, with goals, ambitions and planned adventures - so Look Fantastic really hit the nail on the head with this month's theme. 

I'm not going to go into the ins and outs of the box and what it entails as a general thing, i've mentioned it enough times in previous posts, see here.. but if you want more detail just check out their website..

This months box is a good'un.. I feel like i've been saying this for the last three? it's a real mixture of products (see below) 

Pixi by Petra - Brow Tamer
annoyingly enough I actually already have this, but I use it everyday, its so good at keeping your brows in place, it's a full size product and retails at £12, so to have this included in the box is a winner.
Jelly Pong Pong - Fairy Lashes Curl Mascara
I think I vaguely remember having a mascara by this brand before, i'm interested to give it a go as I never really step out of my comfort zones with mascaras. Its a full size with an RRP of £17.95, so again another winner.
Trifle Cosmetics - Liquid Glow Luminizer
I love anything cosmetically that can give you that 'glow' and this product promises as much. I'm excited to give it a go, even though I have enough illuminators/highlighters to last me years, it is rosy hued, which will be perfect for my cheek bones. - made with cocoa butter aswell, its a tick on the hydration front.
Briogeo Deep Conditioning Mask
I'm on the last legs of my hair extensions, and this mask promises life for dry hair, so I will be giving it a go before my new set in a couple of weeks time. - though i'm sure I've had it before.
NUXE Nuxellence Eclat
I literally adore NUXE products, honestly they're insane & they smell insane! I love the detox creme, so I'm keen to try something new.. it's an anti-ageing serum which I don't really need but packed with hyaluronic acid, it should plump and give my skin that 'glow' in the morning.
The Vintage Cosmetic Company - Rose Gold Tweezers
our family are constantly fighting over 'who has the tweezers?' so i'm welcoming this onto my dressing table as MINE. and in rose gold? so lovely.