Sunday, 1 January 2017

HELLO 2017

Well now 2016 is up, I assume like most people over the past couple of days i've been able to reflect on the year and its consistent up's and many downs. at the beginning of 2016 I started with so much optimism of what it would entail and so much hope that it could be the best year yet, and to be honest without being a complete scrooge over it it's probably been one of the worst years.

One of the worst for various reasons I do not wish to bore you with, but alongside that it has actually taught me so much about myself, and in fact about other people. Not everyone you meet has the same heart as you, or the same goals or even the same mindset, and thats okay.. you don't have to like or get on with everybody, but you need to remember not to lose yourself in the process of pleasing someone else. - because that is when it's really got you.

well the ups, and there have been so many, i've got to my goal weight and am absolutely thrilled with it, I have fallen in love with the gym and how no matter how far you drift it'll always be there. I had a holiday, though I could have probably done with 4906954 more.

Goals? well.. I guess I have a few..

1. Take more care of my wellbeing..
This is such a vague way of putting it, and I have so many different ways of fulfilling this, first of all sleep.. I want to dedicate more time to actually getting a decent night sleep, working 11 hours a day and going to the gym really does take its toll, I want to be able to get into a routine of going to sleep at a normal time without worrying over missing something on social media (get a grip), I want to eliminate fizzy drinks from my body, take more walks, embrace the outdoors.. DRINK MORE JUICES. & in general look after myself, make more of an effort with my daily appearance.. spend more time doing things I love.

2. Quit chasing people..
Admittedly I spent a lot of time in 2016 chasing people who didn't want to be chased, whether that be a guy or a past friend or even a family member.. I needed to realise that if they wanted to be in my life they would make it happen, whats all this fighting for a 'spot'? If they're not messaging you back, take the bloody hint and leave them be. 
This year is going to be so different in that respect, if you wanna stay, stay. If you wanna go, go. 

What am I saving for? a house? a holiday? I don't know but I really want to get into a habit of being able to manage my money more.. no one likes the freak end of the month panic that you may have to live like a peasant until pay day. (goal: to not reach my overdraft in the month)

4. Spend more time on my blog..
I say this every year and admittedly I fail. I really want to get into the full swing of things with it, I really find myself at ease when i'm fully dedicated to it and it feels like my happy zone.. I want to make it something permanent.

I went on one holiday last year, yes it was great but I really really felt the lack of breaks from reality and i'm so ready to endorse some 'me' time into my life, through a good few weekend getaways, family holidays & even girl holidays.. 

6. Photograph more..
my SLR died on me two months ago, and I had literally felt so lost without it on the lead up to Christmas, luckily my parents gifted me with an Olympus Pen for Christmas so I shall be making the utter most of it this year and really photographing everything, from blog posts to outdoor walks to holidays to a night out. - its so important to capture everything whilst you can because you don't know what'll happen tomorrow or next week.

what are your goals for 2017?