Tuesday, 6 December 2016

What I'd take to the Jungle with me..

I'm A Celebrity has just finished *weeps* and after such a great year of slightly irrelevant but easily likeable celebrities.. i'm now finding myself staring at my TV waiting for something as interesting to pop up.. nope nothing, even X Factor cannot compete.. 
Now before you think i'm gonna go into a big frenzy blogpost about a TV show some of you may or may not watch.. the TV show has way more relevance to this post than you think (or you may have just guessed from the title.. duh) The celebrities in the jungle got me thinking on how I might survive if I had to face the jungle for two weeks + and I figured i'd do a post on what products I'd have to take in with me.. 

Now this can be different for everyone.. depending on whether you go cray over complexion, eyes or lips.. everyone is going to have different products to sneak in with them.. I've narrowed it down to 5 products, because, well lets be realistic they're not exactly going to let you bring in a whole suitcase full.. (which sucks for us beauty addicts) sometimes you have to make sacrifices and on this occasion this is definitely one.

The first of the five that made it into the jungle is.. 

Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Concentrate (buy it here

I decided to bring this along with me on my imaginary trip. I figured because my skin is generally in good condition i'd be able to wash my face with soapy water & a flannel.. and then apply this at night, this oil works wonders on my face and keeps blemishes and redness at ease.. I wake up with a soft clear glowing face.

Clinique City Sheer Block SPF 25 (buy it here)

This block is perfect for the jungle weather, especially in Australia over the summer period it is so important to keep your face protected, I like this because its moisturising and provides slight coverage

Anastasia Brow Wiz (buy it here)

you'd be silly to go into the jungle without some sort of brow product, brows are everything these days and if they're not looking on point it can be very depressing.. the Anastasia brow wiz is a perfect all in one brow pencil and brush. - assuming i'll have tweezers with me, i'm set to go!

MAC Extreme Dimension Lash Mascara (buy it here)

this mascara is my current favourite as it gives my lashes a natural curl as well as volume, allowing me to apply it without curlers.. its my go-to and mascara is so important if you want to prevent yourself from looking tired and worn out.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Kit (buy it here)

as Im not bringing any sort of foundation or bronzer, I thought this kit would be a perfect all in one for my complexion, it has a highlighter for under my eyes and t-zone area and a contour/bronzer for my cheek bones, perfect coverage when your lacking base!

what would be your five products?