Saturday, 3 December 2016

Five places I'd like to visit over Christmas..

I was thinking the other day about tradition and what I usually do around the Christmas period in terms of visiting places and seeing things, and to be honest apart from the annual trip to winter wonderland (of course that made it on the list) and the ridiculous amount of shopping centres that get a seeing to.. I don't really venture out to anywhere special, so i've been soaring the net and trying to find lots of little quirky things to do around this period..

1. Ice Skating
I think this needs to be a must have around Christmas, (if you're able to keep yourself up on the rink) there is something incredibly festive about ice skating at this time of the year, particularly outside in the cold. There are a few popular places in London, Broadgate Ice Rink seems to be a firm one (more info here) running until the 2nd February you can also buy tickets online and enjoy mulled wine & street food next to the rink!
Hampton Court Palace ice rink is also another firm favourite running until the 8th January (more info here)  

2. Southbank Centre Winter Market
Last year my friend's and I went to Paris for the day around Christmas, infact I think it was this exact date! and I was in awe by the beautiful Christmas market they had, it was filled with unique gifts and gorgeous food, and when I saw pictures of this market it really reminded me of it, with its Chalet style stalls, hot mulled wine and handmade crafts, it really is something to walk around and enjoy. 
It is open until the 8th January, but you can find out more here

3. Hyde Park's Winter Wonderland
Of course Winter Wonderland had to make it into my top five, its almost a staple in anyones Christmas season. The site is massive and you can enjoy so much, such as ice skating, lots of market stalls, places to eat and evening a funfair.. its great for the build up to Christmas.

4. Oxford Street Christmas Shopping
I think it's almost become tradition in our house and amongst my friends to go shopping on oxford street for Christmas presents etc, with all the Christmas lights up and the busyness of everything getting in last minute shopping the streets are buzzing.

5. Christmas Carol Concert's
I experienced my first ever proper Christmas Carol service when I was in Australia a few years back, it was on the beach and we were surrounded by happy people celebrating Christmas and getting into the spirit, I've never actually visited a carol service in the UK before, but apparently its a thing? We still get excited at home when the street singers parade around in the Santa sleigh chanting music.. so why not give a proper concert a go this year, theres lots in London I might have a look at.. click here

Have you got any must do's over Christmas? let me know!