Monday, 7 November 2016

REVIEW: Urban Decay All Nighter Foundation

This product has been soaring the social media / blogger world for the last couple of months, and having finally been released in the UK I was able to purchase it alongside some other bits I was wanting from Urban Decay.
It claims to provide full coverage with a modern matte finish, hoping it does what it says in the title and lasts 'all night' I was keen to try it out, particular during the evening when i'm out. 

So this foundation apparently boasts:
full pigment, waterpoof, paraben free, absorbs oil to reduce shine, diffuses light to blur flaws, long lasting, full coverage, oil free and NO spf.

So with that we kinda get the impression it is aimed at those with oil / combination skin, however with its matte finish it is not completely drying, I have combination skin and particularly around this time of the year I find serious dry patches - this foundation didn't emphasis the area or make them appear worse. However I would suggest if you do have dry/flaky skin to apply a good moisturiser or primer before hand like you would with any matte foundations. (a primer will also prevent the foundation from setting in your pores, if applied with a decent buffing brush)

The coverage as described is FULL, I feel as though its verging EsteĆ© Lauder double wear but not as thick? You literally need the tiniest amount, at first application I was surprised by how little went a long way.. and you certainly do not need a full pump of foundation to cover your face. (this comes in handy with the £27 price tag it carries) Unlike lots of heavy full coverage foundations, this one is incredibly smooth applying and you have a leeway of at least a couple of minutes before it starts drying up on your skin and you can no longer work it over your face. I've worn this all day a couple of times and have been amazed by how long lasting it is, though I wouldn't say its in the 16 hour bracket.. more 12/14.

There are 24 shades available, I was matched with 5.0 as I'm still fairly tanned from summer, though i'll be keen to get a lighter colour when in full swing of winter. This foundation does slightly oxidise when applied to skin, so don't fret if you find its initially on the pale side. The foundation also has no SPF so if you're like me and you're keen to wear this at night its perfect for flash cameras, I guess if you want to wear it during the day the best thing to do would be to apply a primer/moisturiser beforehand that contains an SPF. 

Overall a very good foundation, If you are looking for something for nights out that will give you a flawless even finish / cover any imperfections then I think you can't go wrong with the Urban Decay All-nighter. All my life I have been in fear of the full coverage foundations and only really apply them for nights out, as I'm conscious on me it looks cakey and too heavy.. however this I feel works well for me. 

Have you tried this foundation? what are your thoughts? if not - you can purchase it here.