Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Mini LUSH Haul

I rarely get down to LUSH and I actually find I also never really have time to enjoy the luxury bath products they have to offer, and usually end up leaving them in the bathroom so the rest of the family can enjoy (accidentally). On a recent trip to Westfield, I thought i'd give myself a 'one off' treat and have a look at some products, particularly the Christmas/Autumnal inspired products to really get into the spirit. I ended up leaving with a couple of bath bombs, a bath bar and an interesting scrub
'Shoot for the Stars' 
Not overly Christmassy but the gold stars almost justified it, this bath bomb has promising ingredients to leave your skin feeling soft and cleansed. You can find a full list on the website here, but a few main products I'm intrigued with would be the cocoa butter / coconut cream combination - almost a promise your skin will feel soft, and bergamot oil which according to the website is uplifting and cleansing!
mixture of honey and orange, it smells lovely, though i'm yet to try!

'The Magic Of Christmas'
this is the product i'm most excited for, its basically Christmas in a stick and if you don't know it i'm a huge christmas fan, so the thought of dipping into a bath that has an essence of the most wonderful season of the year... forgive me for being a little excited.
Described as a warming cinnamon stick, with sweet orange oil and an organic clove embedded in it, it oozes all the scents of Christmas &&&& its reusable!! wonderful, I can have a number of baths with this in during December, cannot wait! 

'Cup'O Coffee Scrub'
I read something very recently in an article about the wonders of coffee ground and how beneficial it is for your skin. So when I spotted this in store i was keen to ask one of the LUSH ladies what its purpose is etc. - an exfoliator for both your face and body, i'm intending on using this for my face, you can choose to have it as a morning exfoliator (though I wouldn't recommend using it everyday as its a very harsh product) or a face mask, lathering it on for 10/15 minutes around the days your face feels it needs some TLC - I think i'll choose to use it a couple of times a week to give my face some restoration when it feels all clogged up and not so 'fresh' I've actually used this product today and can honestly say that results were brilliant, it left my face soft and bright, vanishing any dull/dead skin.
definitely my new go to mask!

I'm always on the lookout for new products, and I may be convinced into making a trip to LUSH more of a permanent thing, so if you've tried anything lately you'd recommend let me know in the comments!