Friday, 4 November 2016

#lfsparkle - Look Fantastic Beauty Box November 2016

Look fantastic is one of the premier beauty retailers you can find online, stocking a whole range of beauty products, hair care, skin care etc. In fact it's my go-to if i'm after a good deal or something I wouldn't easily find on the high street.. I have been subscribed to their beauty box since the start of January 2016 - I've had a monthly beauty box subscription of some sort for a while now, and have opt in and out of the likes of Birchbox, Glossybox etc and now Look Fantastic - as a frequent customer I thought i'd give their box a go as in general I like the brands they stock.

First of all, their boxes are ALWAYS simply stunning, (I actually keep every one and use them as storage) each month they feature a theme which is usually seasonal.. and each product usually suits the theme. This months box is 'Sparkle' perfectly fitting for the lead up to christmas without putting too much emphasis on Christmas (i'm sure they're saving that for next month!) 

Anyways I was SO SO impressed with this months box I had to do a post on it (in fact i'm thinking of reviewing every months if thats something that would be of interest?!) 
The box will always contain a minimum of six products varying from skincare to haircare to beauty products and so on.. (I think i've even had a detox drink sachet?) this months was filled with a generous mix of treats perfect for this time of year.. 

L'Oreal Professional Mythic Oil 
a big winner for me, like I said I needed an oil and I was yet to try this so I think i'm most excited about this product! 

Monu Recovery Balm
I've tried monu a few times before and have always been impressed with the results I get from their skincare, i'll be keen to try this particularly with the weather turning colder. 

Sebastian Professional Volupt Spray
I've had a little spray of this and the texture is lovely. Its non sticky which is a big thumbs up from me particularly as I don't get on with the texture of volume products in general, but i'm happy to give this a go.

Bloom and Blossom Revitalising Foot & Leg spray
I've been using a facial spray for the last couple of months from this same brand (which I think I actually got in a look fantastic box) It contains all the goodness you'd be happy to put on your skin, to be honest I didn't know leg sprays were a 'thing' but apparently they help any aches and pains? - I think after leg day at the gym I might give it a go!

Model Co - Blusher
this is an exciting one as i'm always after a different shade of blusher, I must have about 10 but they're all different and this one in particular is in the shade 'peach bellini' which I think is a perfect warm autumn tone. 

Look Good Feel Better - Angled Blending Brush
thanks lookfantastic for chucking a brush into the mix, you can never have too many brushes particularly eye shading brushes. 

.. also in the box was a couple of own brand emery boards! always in need.

I wont go into the details of how to obtain subscription etc as you can read all about it here but if you're after an affordable beauty box this is honestly a serious contender! if you can recommend another box subscription let me know in the comments below, and if you also received this box this month let me know your thoughts!