Thursday, 27 October 2016

Tips on how to stay 'gym motivated' this winter..

I think it's a well known fact that when it comes to Autumn/Winter a lot of people (yes i'm guilty for this) tend to become slack / lazy with the gym.. its funny cos over the summer the gym is literally full, and I mean to the point of waiting around for every bloody machine, and then as soon as winter comes you see a complete drop in the amount of people hogging the machines. Lets face it, the thought of getting up early to go out for a run or head to the gym whilst it's still pitch black isn't ideal, nor is the thought of working out after work when its started getting dark and colder.

i've put together a few ideas to keep me motivated, which I hope will help you to.
So if you're usually the keen bean who can get up super early in the morning and get to the gym or at least outside by 6am then go you! I seriously envy your ability, but even the best of us struggle through winter..

Change your Alarm tone
get rid of that boring standard Alarm tone that makes you question your existence in the morning when it goes off, and switch it up to your favourite song, or a song you know you can dance your way out of bed to.

Find a buddy to workout with
this can apply to both morning & evening, have someone else on the same boat as you, who you can rely on for consistent workouts. - you can both aim towards a similar goal and challenge each other.

Have your workout gear ready to go and in eye of your bed
I find if I have my stuff ready to go i'm more inclined to get out of bed, this way I don't have to fuss about in my PJ's in my super cold room trying to find something to put on.

Organise yourself, make a timetable:
I'm definitely more inclined to carry something through if I have it written down on paper, create yourself a timetable.
mondays - cardio AM
tuesdays - arms, back and shoulders PM
wednesdays - rest day
and if it helps, have it on the wall so you constantly seeing it, tally how many times you do it, that way you can make yourself feel bad when you don't.

Sign up for a regular class
I think committing yourself to something weekly will encourage you to carry it through, so sign up to a class, bring a mate and make it a fixed thing.

Buy yourself new gym gear
nothing is nicer than new clothes right? when you buy a pair of new jeans or a nice dress you're keen to show it off, so why not do the same with some gym gear.. get yourself a thermal top (if you're using the great outdoors to work out) or some fancy new leggings, even some trainers! that should encourage to wear it, if not then well done you've just wasted your money.

Think of your wallet
following on from my last tip, you don't want to be spending money on workout clothes you're not going to use, and you definitely don't want to be forking out £60 odd monthly on a gym you're not even using.. what a waste!

Post it on social media
get the support from family & friends, maybe you can encourage them to join you to? when you have your amazing summer body for 2017, people wont question it, they'd of seen all your dedication through instagram!

Treat yourself!
did you conquer the cold this week? or the lack of monday motivation? when you've successfully completed a week of exercise reward yourself! or at least have something to aim for.

hope this has been helpful, you're not alone in the struggle.. i'm there with you, but hoping some of these tips will help me along the way.

any other helpful hacks leave a comment!