Tuesday, 25 October 2016

REVIEW: The Ordinary by Deciem Skincare

Okay, so there has been huge hype over this brand over the last few weeks, and if you've never heard of them then seriously where have you been? Back in September - the Telegraph titled it 'the £4 serum that is challenging the price of premium skincare' suggesting immediately from the onset that this was something to watch. 

The packaging is simple and almost scientific? the two particular serums I purchased are dispensed through a pipette, which minimises the amount you need to use. The scent of product is simple, almost neutral - there's no florals, fruity or that distasteful cleaning product type scent.

In the beauty world there is this huge thing around secret ingredients that promise to transform your skin, from Hyaluronic Acid to Retinol to Rosehip Seed, and the Ordinary has their take on this in numerous bottles. If you're anything like me you'll splurge practically half your wages on THE product that promises to improve your skin by miles, this new line promises to do that but on a budget, which is what drew me in. 

After reading a good few posts on it from various Magazines, Newspapers etc I settled on two of the 10 products available for the time being, these products seriously range from £4 upto the most expensive at £12.80 (the buffet, a formula that contains 11 amino acids and five peptide complexes to target multiple signs of anti ageing - considering I'm 21, and the other products available in the line, I didn't think it was a necessity just yet)
The two I ended up 'splurging' on, no seriously £15 on.. were the Hyaluronic Acid 2% + b5 and the 100% Organic Cold-Pressed Rose Hip Seed Oil. 

Now if you're clued up on the whole Hyaluronic Acid front, you'll know the ins and outs, if not keep reading. Hyaluronic Acid is actually produced by the body naturally, it helps skin retain moisture and youth. As we get older we tend to produce less, leading us to more drying skin and thats when the appearance of the dreaded fine lines appear etc etc you get the jist! So by adding this type of ingredient into your skincare you should be able to help hold the skins moisture and prevent it from drying out, also if you're youthful and are yet to experience fine lines it may delay them. 

Having used this particular product religiously over the last couple of weeks I can confer it definitely works, my skin appears brighter, clearer and less dull, showing signs of good hydration.

The Rosehip Seed Oil, is another popular product amongst the beauty / skincare world, following on from the coconut oil frenzy (if I hear another person tell me how amazing it is for this and that and that I swear i'll go crazy) So I had to introduce it into my nighttime routine, as somehow the thought of putting oil on my face at the start of the day didn't sit quite well with me. Rosehip comes with many known benefits, the ability to reduce uneven skin tones, which is a bonus for anyone with hyper-pigmentation, age spots or minor skin discolouration. One of its biggest claims is to correct UV damage, which was a big yes yes yes me, as a self confessed sunbathing addict i'm always conscious of damaging my face from too much UV exposure. Again its another hydrating oil, good for drying skin and can also reduce appearance of scars!

Again this product gains a big thumbs up from me, my face always feels super refreshed when I wake up, and never oily. It feels smooth, and looks bright and healthy. If you're after a new product which has the same effect as something that would usually cost you an arm and a leg then give it ago. At the moment you can only purchase it in the UK here at Victoria Health. - though keep an eye out as they're in talks of stocking the brand in more popular stores.