Sunday, 30 October 2016

October Favourites

Oh okay then, its the end of October already!?! just like 2016, this month went super fast and admittedly I didn't splurge much through this month as I had a few bits to pay for. - but I managed to put together a mini pile of things i've been obsessed with throughout the month, and if you're a frequent reader of my blog some of them may not come as a surprise to you. - so lets get into it..

Urban Decay - Ultimate Basics Palette

holy moly, this is by far my favourite ever UD palette, and I have 6 of them. This has just topped them all, I wont go into too much detail as i'll be featuring a post dedicated to it solely in November, but if you're after a matte palette with a whole range of shades to suit, please please consider it. & stay tuned for that full post!

Urban Decay - All Nighter Foundation
I don't actually think this foundation has had enough praise since its release, and i'm not sure if its because its still fairly new or because everybody is obsessed with the palettes and not so much their other products? but honestly.. this foundation is probably the best full coverage foundation i've ever used, in fact as I right this post i've been wearing it for 6 hours, and quick mirror check.. yep its still fairly perfect, a slight shine but nothing that can't be corrected with a bit of powder. Over the whole of October this has become my go-to particularly for nights out, and I will be releasing a post on it this week so stay tuned. 

The Ordinary - Skincare range
This had to feature in my favourites, i've been using these products for a couple of weeks now and can seriously see a difference in my skin, my face is whole lot brighter and i've had hardly any breakouts.. I actually did a post on this last week, so if you want some more information on these, go check it out here

Bluetooth Headphones By Kitsound
As i've been getting back into the full swing of gym after having to take a few weeks off, I thought i'd purchase some semi-decent headphones at the start of the month so I can really block out the background noise at the gym and concentrate on my training.. these have honestly worked a treat and I literally love them, they're black with rose gold detailing, the battery life on them is amazing, I think they say upto 16 hours play time.. which gives you a good couple of weeks gym time. They have integrated controls so you can change the song, and talk through the MIC when answering calls.. As its bluetooth its completely wireless, but comes with a aux cable incase you want to use it. You can buy it from Tesco's here and for £28 I think its well worth it. 

The Girl On The Train by Paula Hawkins
This has been the most talked about book for months, and I believe its down to the film coming out as the book itself has been around for almost two years. It was a case of 'well everyone is talking about it so I might aswell' I mean half the population can't be wrong on how good the book is? and they were right.. I was hooked from start to end and it took me less than a week to finish it. If you're after a decent book to get your head into, definitely give it a go.

Thats it for my October favourites, like I said I didn't splurge much this month so I found myself still indulged on favourites from September.. what were yours?!