Friday, 21 October 2016

my Autumn bucket list...

Autumn, hands down my favourite season. As summer descends, the mornings get darker and you tend to get that cold crisp feeling when you breath in the outdoor surroundings. - the colours, the bloody colours you see in autumn, the browns, oranges, dark greens.. all clear signs of whats to come, halloween, firework's night, winter wonderland, christmas season..

I have decided to make a list of what i'd like to do over this season, i've never actually done this before but I feel i'm constantly at the end of every season thinking 'why on earth did I not do that?' maybe writing it down will make me more inclined to do it and actually follow it through. We're constantly planning things throughout summer whether its festivals, holidays, day trips etc so why not do the same over this special period of the year. (plus its probably the most important season to be organised!)

  • Dress up for Halloween
  • Watch a scary film over Halloween
  • See a Firework Display
  • Visit my sister in Bournemouth
  • Photograph the Autumn colours
  • Country walks - lots of country walks
  • Get an Autumn themed beverage from Starbucks/Costa
  • Buy scented candles that smell like this time of the year
  • Christmas shopping in Bicester
  • At least two trips to London over Christmas
  • Go on a weekend break in Europe 
  • Visit Harrods over Christmas
  • Commit to the gym at least 5x a week 
  • Have some ME time, curl up with a hot drink and a good book.
  • Buy Autumnal clothes

I can't wait to do all the above, and some of them are so simple.. what's on your bucket list?