Thursday, 20 October 2016

getting my blogging mojo back..

I seem to fall into this trap around summer time where I get caught up in the mist of all the summer breaks, pub gardens, college (which I have now finished as a qualified makeup artist!) day trips.. sunbathing etc, where I fail to find some down time to dedicate to my blog. I can't be the only one guilty of this? but when the mornings become darker and the evenings colder I find myself sitting on my laptop wondering why I haven't blogged in so long and whether i'm up for doing blogmas this year.. (which i've decided I am... stay tuned) 

As its drawing into winter, i'm finding if I'm not at work (ridiculous 55 hour nanny hours) or training at the gym (a good 5 times a week.. ish) then i'm at home watching crappy late night TV till ridiculous hours because I indulge in cups and cups of coffee during the day - you get what i'm trying to say here? time to start blogging again.

I've got a whole load of ideas written down on post-it notes all over my laptop I can incorporate into my blog over winter, very beauty related but I also want to try and hop over to the fashion side of things.. I never really cared much about fashion or my appearance until recently & am seriously hooked on clothes hauls over on youtube.