Wednesday, 18 May 2016

REVIEW: MAC In Extreme Dimension Lash

MAC In Extreme Dimension Lash

I first came across this mascara back around Christmas 2014, my friend and I decided to stop by the MAC store on a day trip in London. Persuaded by the lovely sales assistant Elena, I ended up leaving the shop with more than I anticipated (as you do) and this mascara soon became a statement in my life, shocking as I'm usually more of a face/complexion obsessed girl, i've never really been too faded by what type of mascara I have, whether its cheap or expensive.

For a couple of years i'd been hooked to the Clinique High Impact mascara, which don't get me wrong is a very very good mascara - hence why i've never budged from it. But I suppose because Elena made me try this MAC one out in store, I was able to get a feel of a different mascara before actually buying it. I was literally amazed by the difference in my eyes.

This mascara is designed to volumise and plump your lashes to perfection (literally). One thing I noticed is that it really did curl my lash as it says on the website 'adds volume, extends length and creates curl' I have no need for my eyelash curlers anymore, if you apply correctly it will curl straight lashes, by twisting the mascara stick whilst applying to the eyelash you can get right to the root of your lash which then creates a beautiful natural full curl. 

the brush itself is considerably longer than most mascaras brushes out there, this allows us girls to reach every lash in the first swoop.. 

Retailed at £19, from MAC I think for a very good mascara it is definitely worth the price, they've actually recently launched a waterproof version alongside their black, and very black one. - I'm yet to try it but if the original is anything to go by i'm sure its a winner.

have you tried this mascara? what are your thoughts?