Monday, 18 April 2016

Holiday Favourites

If you follow my twitter account (@judyrudybeauty) you may now be well aware that I've just spent 10 days in the beautiful country of Cyprus. I'm assuming i'm not the only beauty blogger who takes practically the entire contents of their beauty stash away with them, y'know just in case you might need that one shade of MAC lipstick, for that one particular outfit.. yeh well I officially over packed! Infact I ended up using just a mere slither of my entire makeup bag.. and here are my official holiday favourites...(with a few non-beauty related items)

Dior Skin Airflash CC Primer
This has been the absolute go-to all holiday, I have used this both day and night as a base on my skin and its truly awesome! A bit different to most primers, with this you spray evenly across the face, leaving a slightly coloured residue and I used a beauty blender sponge to even it out, though I guess you could use a foundation brush also. (buy it here)


MAC - 'Gentle' Blusher
This is one of the items I purchased from MAC at the airport enroute to Cyprus, I intended on just getting a new mascara (my 5th in dimension mascara infact) when this blusher caught my eye, I used to be such a blusher girl.. but then came the bronzing / contour fanatic and I actually ditched blush for a more bronzed look.. heading 
into summer now I wanted to add a little colour to my cheeks to make my look more natural, this is the perfect shade for me and I have used it constantly in the evenings. (buy it here)


MAC In Extreme Dimension Mascara
My holy grail of mascaras, this is honestly the best mascara I have ever used on my eyelashes. It gives them volume, length and curl.. I have even got my friends hooked on it. I can’t imagine using any other mascara. (buy it here)
      MAC Mineralise Skin Finish
This has been a great face powder, which I have used every night since my foundations became too light for my face the ‘grey’ tone look wasn’t cutting it. I have combination skin, my t-zone areas tend to be more oily than the rest of my face but when I’m on holiday my skin naturally becomes fair more oily with the sun, this powder is great for minimizing the appearance of an oily/sweaty look.. giving my face more of a flawless glow. (buy it here)

Ben Nye - Banana Powder

This powder has worked really well alongside my MAC one as a more setting powder once I’ve completed my evening face look.. I tend to put more on my t-zone area as this is usually the area on my face that needs more attention.
(buy it here)

Hawaiian Tropic Tanning Oil 
This stuff had to make it on my list of holiday favourites because it’s a big part in why I’m coming home so dark! If you’re not a fan of very oily lotion its definitely not for you, and I would recommend a tan accelerating dry oil, like calypso. – this stuff is more pricey, but it honestly works. (buy it here)

TRESemme Heat Defence Styling Spray
My favourite heat protection spray obviously came on holiday with me. I pay a lot of money for my hair extensions, so I’m very careful with the type of products I put in my hair and how I maintain it. For any hair, its so important to use a heat protection spray, particularly if you’re like me and you curl/straighten it daily. – this one works best for me, it keeps my hair soft, I don’t worry when I’m constantly in the sun or using heat tools, its inexpensive and an added bonus it smells nice.
(buy it here)

MAC Lipliner 'Soar'

If you’re anything like me, you’re probably into your lipliners too. I love the MAC lipliners as I feel they last really well, I made another naughty purchase at the airport with soar, and by god I love it. I have used it every night since, it’s honestly a new favourite, and goes really well with my ‘faux’ lipstick.
(buy it here)

Cath Kidston iPhone 6S Case
This was a last minute purchase in my attempt to have some sort of phone protection on holiday, I had been looking for the perfect phone case for quite some time, constantly umming and ahhing over forking out on a nice Kate Spade one or something cheap off Amazon. I’d actually gone into cath kidston to purchase a laptop sleeve which I’d had my heart set on, and ended up walking away with this lovely case – its perfect for the summer, I just love the colours..
(buy it here)

Thats it for my holiday specials, if you'd like a full in depth review of any of the products mentioned let me know.