Thursday, 3 March 2016

MAC's 'Brave' ft Bare Minerals 'Revved' Combo

If you're anything like me, you literally cannot leave the house without a bit of lip product on.. I have a whole makeup draw filled with hundreds (quite literally) of lipsticks, lip liners, lip glosses.. need I go on? and i'm forever changing my lip product combo on a day to day. I thought i'd share this new little beauty I bought a couple of weeks ago, combined with MAC's popular 'Brave' it really makes a lovely day to day, turned night lip look.

Like all MAC lipsticks, the packaging is sleek and simple, I could go into all the details about the box it comes in, the shape, the simplicity of it.. but if you're reading this I guarantee you own a few already, and if not.. what on earth are you doing?!?!!? The 'Brave' lipstick itself came about with the whole Kylie Jenner lip craze.. everyone was buying it once it was revealed as the secret to her perfect lips.. (we all know there's more to that story) The lipstick is of a satin finish, this basically means it has a slight moisturised shine to it, I'm a sucker for matte lipsticks, but I find this one suits me on a regular day. - its not a drying lipstick, in fact it makes my lips feel oh so soft. I chose to mix this up with my new lipliner as it's a slightly lighter shade, which would add to the effect of them put together. Like most MAC lipsticks, the lasting effect is great, and it fades well.. (the kind of well that doesn't leave you with weird lipstick lines) its of a pinkish nude/brown tone, and I can imagine i'd wear it in both winter and summer.

Bare Minerals is not my typical go to brand, I'm not entirely sure why I don't own a great deal of their products, as I've literally fallen for this (and their new foundation - review soon) I think I only own about three of their products. As I was testing out the much anticipated pure brightening serum foundation at the counter, I noted the lady serving me had a beautiful shade on her lips.. It just so happened to be revved, and revved alone. Lots of people tend to use lipliners as both lining the lips and lipstick, and I guess if you're in a hurry or want to minimise your ever expanding makeup bag on the go its a good idea, but it's also nice to combine it with a similar colour.. in comes Brave.
This lipliner is the most smoothest liner i've ever used, the wind up mechanism stops it from becoming blunt, and allows you to control how much you use. - saying that, I prefer lipliner's you sharpen as they tend to last longer.. however not so smooth to apply. This really does last a long time on your lips, I can go all through lunch with it still in tact. Its perfect for both evening and day.

What do you think of the combo? have you got any favourites?