Friday, 5 February 2016

Feel Unique Haul

Okay, so I caved in over the payday period, and as feel unique had a lovely 20% off for students I found myself seriously searching and trying to find an excuse to purchase something. if you follow my blog, you may know i'm currently studying makeup at college, and with fellow makeup obsessed class mates, we're constantly recommending this and that to each other and trying out products in class.

 Last week I tried one of the girls Gwen Stefani Edition of the Urban Decay palette and fell in love, like all UD palettes it was highly pigmented and full of vibrant colours (well, duh Gwen Stefani inspired) and just had to have it!

I love love the neutral shades in this palette, and can imagine it'll be a staple 'go to' for my daily eyeshadow routine, but like most UD colours, there is a good enough mixture to allow it to be used both day and night. Initially when I had heard of its release late last year, I'd automatically assumed it being a Gwen Stefani edition would make it a very adventurous and vibrant palette, something that isn't usually up my street, but I was pleasantly surprised with its warm neutral tones in both matte and shimmer. - there are the couple of odd striking shades, but unless i'm doing something super fancy i'll probably just ignore those. If you're into Gwen Stefani, check out the full collection over at feel unique

OBVIOUSLY I couldn't just buy a palette, you don't get the same excitment when you come home from work to a package through the door with a palette, as opposed to a few bits.. so my UD haul didn't stop there, I had a gander and after using the MAC prep & prime setting spray in the past (yeh it was okay, but I can't really tell you if it made a difference or not) I decided to try out one of the highly recommended setting spray's from their collection. I went for the de-slick, to be honest it wasn't my first choice, I would have probably got the B6 spray, which was actually out of stock (SHOCK!) but as I do tend to get oily skin, and shiny areas when i'm out, this particular spray as described is perfect for this. 

'oil control, paraben free, temperature control' it sounds like its exactly what I need.. 'high-tech ingredients help keep foundation, shadow and blush from smudging, sliding or fading - so you hardly ever need to touch up' - who could say no to that? might even give it a go in the gym. I am yet to try it, but I have heard good things from other blogs, I think i'll pop it on today and give you all an update next week on how I'm getting on with it.
Have you tried this spray? or any of the Urban Decay sprays? let me know your thoughts below!

One last thing I had to buy in the haul was UD's 'super saturated, ultra intense, waterproof cream eyeliner' wow thats a mouthful. Having tried a MAC creamy eyeliner last week, and bracing myself into Fenwicks over the weekend to buy it I was met by a whole load of Saturday go-getters in MAC and couldn't face the queues or trying to find one of the MAC girls to pick me out the eyeliner, so I left it. I saw this on the website and decided to give it ago, I'm yet to try it but if anyone has used it in the past please let me know your thoughts.. obviously it goes without saying the waterproof part is an added bonus, however i'm not sure how i'll feel when i'm scrubbing it off later for bed! AHHH.

if you've had a whack at any of these products, let me know your thoughts!

Jess x