Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Blogmas Day Two ~ November Favourites

Seriously now, where has the last couple of months gone? I feel like we've skipped summer to christmas in literally a blink of an eye.. so now we're in December, the winter wardrobe is officially out, the Christmas decorations are coming down from the loft, mulled wine & a toffee nut latte are making weekly (maybe daily) appearances.. and terry's chocolate orange is conveniently on offer in every supermarket (still trying to resist)

Despite how quickly November went, I have three very clear and bold favourites from this month that I really want to share with you guys so here goes.. 

#1 MAC In-Extreme Dimension Mascara

This mascara, man I don't even know how to put it into words, If I've loved any mascaras before this then this is a whole new love, boy I've fallen in love. It does wonders to my lashes, I won't get too carried away going into this but I feel like I've found a mascara for life.. if you want to know more, I did a full review here on this beauty.

#2 Kiehl's Midnight Concentrate Oil

Yes, I've fallen into the bloggers craze over this product, and if you haven't heard of it (which I would be very surprised about) its a night time face oil aimed to regenerate and work its magic on your face over night, made with 99.8% natural ingredients, it helps add moisture and replenish your skin whilst you sleep.. basically you expect to wake up with a change in your face - which I feel does.. Its often described as a 'miracle oil' and I usually don't believe all that gobbledy goo about it making a difference to your skin over one night.. but honestly this really did do something, and continues to 'do something' I see a real decrease in redness and blemishes on my face, and I absolutely love the scent.. 

I think most people find themselves put off by the price of this product, retailed at £36.00 its not the cheapest of facial oils, and at 30ml you don't get an awful lot, however, you only need three drops a night and by the look of my bottle right now, its most definitely not running out any time soon.

#4 Exercise

I re-kindled my love for netball back in September when a friend of mine suggested we go to 'back to netball' classes on a wednesday evening, I was overly excited (too excited) to do this as I used to absolutely love netball. We religiously go every Wednesday and at the end of October were asked to compete in a netball league with the local University (Herts UNI) Every Tuesday during November our team have played a 40 minute netball match against another netball team whom are students at Herts Uni, I'm having so much fun with this, and usually find myself playing my primary position GA however I switch it up with WA occasionally. 

I also joined the gym with two of my closest pals, and have been sticking to it at least five times a week, I'm surprised with myself because I actually really enjoy the gym, and look forward to going, yep there's something strangely fulfilling about burning off a ton of calories and sweating like cray (nice thought there)

There you have it, my three September November favourites, thought i'd keep it short & sweet, have you tried any of the products? and do you have any stand out favs from the last month.. let me know!