Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Blogmas Day Ten ~ Rimmel Apocalypse Lip Lacquers Review

The Rimmel Apocalypse Lip Lacquers have been around since January 2013, they have received widespread mixture of views throughout the blogging industry, which I've found to be mostly positive, hence why I fell into the craze. - you could almost now consider them a cult product as they literally took the blogging world by storm. 

Celestial (left) Luna (right)

Now I'm usually a matte lipstick girl, if I wear any.. And have only recently in the last year begun expanding my wings and trying out new types of lipstick / lipgloss. These lip lacquers took me completely out of my comfort zone, but I'm thankful for it now. As you can see, the colours I have aren't as overwhelming or adventurous as the other shades available (below).. I'm sure when I'm back in England I'll end up buying the whole collection. 

The packaging is eye-catching, it's sleek, sophisticated and easy. It doesn't look cheap nor does it give you the impression it'll leak everywhere and so far so good. 

The texture and application of this product is dreamy, the applicator holds a lot of product in the centre so not much applying is needed, I can imagine this product lasting a long time, not a lot is needed to create an effect and it's easily buildable.. You can opt for little or bold. 
Because of the creamy texture, your lips are left feeling moisturised and smooth with a hint of shine.. It's almost like gloss with the pigmentation of lipstick! 

The lasting time on these is pretty good for a lacquer, because my colours are quite natural and not as bold as say the Big Bang shade they wear off quicker, but easily to apply if you're out and about. 

You can currently purchase these gems in Boots, Superdrug & ASOS for £6.50 and I believe there have been a few new shades in 2014...