Sunday, 7 December 2014

Blogmas Day Six ~ The 'Christmas Jumper' Edition

I've had a crazy week and have really struggled to keep up with writing up a post everyday (or at least getting a few done in one night I can schedule) I will definitely be trying harder next week! 
So as I was looking for a 'christmas jumper' two nights ago I thought i'd write up a post of my favourite jumpers available online to buy now.. and seriously if you haven't thought about or got ya jumper yet what the heck are you doing?! Christmas is what, eighteen days away? online shopping is starting to become more difficult and delayed.. and if you're like me, the thought of going to your local shopping centre after work on a late night Thursday is probably the most daunting thing right now.. crazy ass christmas shoppers? no thank you!

I've put together a little collection from multiple online websites, as everybody needs a christmas jumper at Christmas, whether you wear it when your slothing about on christmas day, or to work in the week leading up to Christmas.. you must have one! & it doesn't have to be cringey.. the likes of Topshop and ASOS have jumpers that are actually really pretty.. and I wanna open your eyes to them!

'Topshop Sequin Christmas Tree Sweater' (£46.00 here)

This is the most expensive jumper out of my picks, but how pretty is it? Its suttle and glamorous but christmasy at the same time.. if you don't want to go over the top its perfect!

'River Island Grey Reindeer Knitted Christmas Jumper' (£35.00 here)

Now this is your 'typical' Christmas jumper, its got your usual festive patterns across it and a stand out reindeer.. its definite up there in the most festive of my top five.. and is perfect paired up with christmas dinner on that special day.

'New Look Cream Sequin Panel Penguin Print Jumper' (£24.99 here)

Is it me or does this jumper have the John Lewis ad written all over it? and if you haven't seen the ad, i'll link it here.. but shame on you! I love this jumper, its so quirky! Its festive but not too over the top on the christmas front, and I feel you'd be able to add some colour to your lips with this particular jumper..

'MissGuided Two Reindeer Knitted Jumper' (£12.99 here)

this is your typical christmas 'cringe' jumper.. this one I feel is only acceptable around the 3 day christmas period.. Its the cheapest of them all and I feel at £12.99 is a complete bargain..

'ASOS Christmas Jumper With Embroidered Holly' (£30.00 here)

out of all five jumpers, I think this one is the most simplest, sophisticated look.. its practical yet pretty, and the colour is very flattering.. if you're not daring enough to go with say the missguided jumper, this one would be perfect!

Here we have it, my top five! which one is your favourite?