Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Blogmas Day Nine ~ The Everyday Brush Set

I was never really a huge brush fan until a year or so ago, I used to apply my foundation with my fingers (the thought of doing that now..) saying that though, I would obviously apply blush and eyeshadow with a brush, but it would be a cheapo one that wouldn't work in the slightest on my face.
When I became obsessed with the beauty blogging industry at the beginning of 2013, the first thing that caught my attention was the insane amount of brushes bloggers had, and until I bought and fell in love with them myself I never really understood the hype.

Real Techniques are probably the most affordable, long lasting brushes I have ever come across, (not that I'm an expert or anything) they're super soft, easy to wash and dry.. Overall great quality brushes. I was attracted to these merely from the rave of other bloggers, I started with a couple of their brushes.. and slowly expanded my collection in the space of 6 months. Now I'm keen to buy the new duo fibre limited edition, which you can buy here from Look Fantastic.. 

Base Brushes: 
Real Techniques Buffing Brush (Look Fantastic)
This brush has been my 'go-to' for both foundation and concealer since I bought the collection, it really has lived up to the blogger reputation, it's easy application leaves the face flawless and beautifully finished. The fibres bend easily so you're able to achieve a well blended base on your face.
(Buffing Brush)

Real Techniques Contour Brush (Look Fantastic)
I never really understood the whole 'contouring' aspect to makeup, I gave it a go when I spotted this brush in the core collection I purchased last year, this brush is perfect for beginners to the 'contouring world' it's applies nicely to the hollows of your cheeks and is the perfect size for contouring the entire face. If you're not into contouring but have this brush, you can also use it for cream products as the bristles are synthetic, cream blushes or highlighters, I know a friend of mine uses it for concealer. 
(Contour Brush)

Real Techniques Powder Brush (Look Fantastic)
This is the mother of all real techniques brushes, it is the perfect size for powder, bronzer and some people even use it for blush. This one you can buy separately, and has served me very well at the end of my base application for applying a finishing powder (I sometimes use MAC select sheer pressed powder or MAC prep&prime translucent powder for this) I should probably get another one, as I also use it for applying bronzer.. The bristles are synthetic, super soft and gentle on the face. I would recommend to anyone that this is the perfect brush for any powder based product. 
(Powder Brush)

Blush Brushes:
Real Techniques Blush Brush (Look Fantastic)
I use this brush for blush, and blush alone. I've never really found any other use for it, although the Real Techniques brushes are multipurpose, I find myself sticking to blush for this one. Like all the other brushes it is super soft, gentle, and long lasting. It effortlessly spreads the blush evenly over the apples of my cheeks.. If you don't want to fork out on the core collection for a contour brush, you can also use this brush to contour or bronze. 
(Blush Brush)

Real Techniques Stipling Brush (Look Fantastic)
This brush has been a hit and miss for me throughout, I don't want to be negative about it because sometimes it works amazingly, and I know it is a big favourite in blogging world. I generally tend to use this for cream blushes, it is the right size for doing a small part of my face, in the past I have also used this for highlighting. It isn't as soft as the other brushes, and product can build up in the bristles quite easily if you slack in your cleaning routine. I'm aware some bloggers use this for foundation, but it can't imagine using a product so small to cover my face.. I'd be there for hours..
(Stippling Brush)

Eyes/Eyebrows Brushes:
Urban Decay Eyeshadow Brush (came from either NAKED or NAKED2)
my sister and I did a bit of a swapsies on the naked palettes last year before I went over to Aus, we both bought them in duty free around the same time, and we decided to swap the palettes because I was more likely to get more wear out of the colours in hers, vice versa.. Anyways I'm not sure if this brush is from the NAKED or NAKED 2.. But I use it for my NAKED palette and find it really works well when applying eyeshadow to the crease between my lid and eye bone. The bristles on this brush aren't easily bendable so I find it difficult to apply eyeshadow to my whole eye using this brush alone.. Therefore I only really use it for as said, the crease and also if I'm applying under my eye.
Unknown Brand Eyeshadow Brush
I'm afraid I don't know the brand of the brush, but wanted to review it anyways for it's size and the use I get from it. I don't think it's a particularly expensive brush, in fact I probably got it from china off ebay a few years ago, it hasn't shedded (YET) so it's still there lingering in my kit. I use this brush for complete coverage on the eye, and upper eyelid towards the brow.. The bristles are bendy which allow for an even / easy coverage, and it is definitely the best size in terms of use with eyeshadow 

(UD brush in greyish colour, randomer in black!)

Real Techniques Detailer Brush (Core Collection - Look Fantastic)
I don't think I'd of ever bought this brush separately on it's own, I never really paid enough attention to my eyes/eyebrows until recently, hence the lack of eyeshadow brushes. This brush is probably more widely used for eyeshadow, but I find it too small so I thought of getting more use out of it With my eyebrows. I use it to fill in my eyebrows and it's definitely the right size.. Not too thin or wide, although it's synthetic, I find if you're using a creamy or gel formula for your eyebrows this brush may not work for you as the bristles tend to stick making the application less satisfying, however I'm currently using a powder for my eyebrows so this works well. 
(Detailer Brush)

I just want to note that I have had no experience of shedding with these brushes, and have almost had them for a year. With the right care, (a baby shampoo or a mild one) they can last a lengthy amount of time, they look pretty, and are made from Taklon bristles, making them 100% cruelty free! 
I store them in a cute little holder I bought from the $$ store.

The core collection also comes with a handy little travel holder, so I use this if I'm going away etc.. 

Any questions on these brushes, feel free to drop a comment below.