Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Bloggers Christmas Gift Swap..

Its just under a month till Christmas, decorations are already up in lots of households, shops and cafes shock horror! and people are generally getting into the Christmas spirit. When I saw the opportunity to get involved in this special event/tag/swap whatever you wish to call it.. I literally jumped at it. 

I've suddenly got that overwhelmed feeling that Christmas is now going to be really exciting and filled with all you bloggers sharing posts on what we all received etc! This 'event' is run by the lovely Viola, over at A Piece of Viola she has come up with this fab idea for all us bloggers to come together and get involved in a very kind and thoughtful event. We send our details via a google form over to her, get paired up with someone, have a little chat with that special 'other half' and then send over gifts to one another based on what we know about them. fab right? If you want to get involved the deadline is 28th November.  if you click here you'll find all the added details you need from Viola herself.

I literally cannot wait to start getting involved, I feel like a child. If you are also involved, tweet me @judyrudybeauty you never know, we might be paired.

I will keep you all updated step by step within the next couple of weeks, and of course will upload a post with photos when I receive my special gift! super duper exciting!