Thursday, 5 June 2014

May Favourites

Better late than never folks, I have for you my 'May Favourites'. This last month has been a little different, I've recently returned from Australia and am only now finding my feet properly. I've spent the last month and a half catching up with friends, picking up work again.. and enjoying a drink or two on the weekends, I honestly haven't really found time to sit down and write out a decent blog post for you all, I'm sorry!

I feel the best way to kick it off again would be with some good ol' favourites, as I haven't really been focusing on my makeup stash or purchasing any new products, you may or may not find this post a tad on the irrelevant side, but oh well. I have been rekindling love for old products/gadgets/items and also making use out of new ones... so here goes!

Firstly in the south-east of England we've had a good few days of sunshine throughout May, and when I haven't been working I've been making use of these River Island Sunglasses I purchased last year, I can't actually remember how much I paid for them but I know RI always seem to price their sunglasses around the £12.99 mark. - following on from the sunny weather I've been loving one of my MAC lipsticks in the shade 'Impassioned' this particular shade I find is perfect for the summer season, its a bright corally pink and works pretty much with any summery outfit. 

The Bourjois Paris Magic Nail Polish Remover has been my little gem throughout the month. As said on the bottle varnish can be removed within 'one second' Well, I wouldn't go that far but honestly its a handy little pot if you're in a rush to remove varnish (that'll be me ten minutes before work) The scent is also a big plus for me, its almost vanillery/fruity .. if that makes sense! anyway its a big thumbs up if you're not into the strong typical remover smell. 

I've also been loving my new iPhone 5S case I purchased from Accessorize at the beginning of the month, I wanted something summery but something that would also give my phone a little protection (without having to buy one of those ugly shatterproof cases.. infact if anyone reading this has a pretty top job case that protects your iphone from everything let me know please!) I think this case was actually RRP £9.99 but came with a £3 off sticker, bargain! My little rabbit speakers have had a good seeing to over the last month, I literally cannot believe the sound that comes out of these! its literally so loud without effecting the quality, its handy as its so small, and its also cute! They retail over here at Amazon for £9.99 although I bought mine last year in the Accessorize sale for about £3. - so if you're in no rush, keep an eye out in the sales at the end of summer.. although i'd recommend having them over summer. 

My Kindle is another favourite this month. I've just finished reading the hunger games trilogy (I know, way behind on the Hunger Games hype) I absolutely loved and found myself hooked to The Hunger Games and would recommend it to anyone.. can I add this to my May Favourites?!? Back on topic.. I find my Kindle very handy if i'm out and about with a small handbag or don't want to weigh it down with a heavy book. If you're really into reading novels like I am then you should seriously consider it, I know it'll be perfect over summer particularly when i'm away by the pool or beach as I wont find myself worrying about 'getting my book wet' The screen is also adapted so you're still able to read it with the sun about. 

Last but not least I have been loving a new addition to my room I bought right at the end of May. 

I found this Picture, along with some other pictures with slightly different scenes (london at day / new york etc) in IKEA. This photograph really doesn't do the size of the frame justice, it is pretty big and by big I mean I actually struggled fitting it into my hatchback fiesta. (with the seats down) it really is pretty and completely ties my room together, for £39 I don't think its overly expensive, and I love it! 

What are your May Favourites? Anything similar? Let me know your thoughts, I love reading & replying to comments.

judyrudybeauty xox