Tuesday, 1 April 2014

March Favourites

Am I the only one that feels this month has gone SO quick?! I know February was a short month, but I was really expecting March to drag yet today is April? The heeeeeckk! I remember my trip to Sydney like it was a month ago when actually it was three! 

Anyways I think you're all more interested in my favourites instead of my rambling ons about time and the lack of it! Before I start I'd like to just give a big thumbs up and smiley face to my 110 followers! Thank you so much, I didn't expect to have this many quite yet, and it's really encouraged me to keep at it with my blog, so yay! 

I have a few favourites this month, all beauty related but very varied.. 

MAC Face and Body foundation in C5 (£21.50 Debenhams)
This was mentioned in my February favourites (link here) and it still remains a big favourite for me, as mentioned before I really did have a 'love hate relationship' with this foundation, at the moment I'm loving the natural finish it is giving me, my skin isn't breaking out and it feels light on my face. It's definitely a marmite foundation amongst the blogging industry, but at the moment I love it.

Helen E - Waterproof Lip Liner (£8.00)
I really like this lip liner for everyday wear as the color isn't too extravagant, I never really wore lip liners and I received this in a Glossybox last year, tried it a few times and fell in love. Only recently have I started using it again and have found myself re-igniting my love for it and the benefits it gives my lips, they feel fuller and look more plumped. Anyone who is considering trying out a lip liner I would definitely recommend doing so..

Maybelline Colour Show - Chiffon Chic (£2.99 Boots)
Affordable, long lasting, pretty, summery, easy to apply.. There is not much this nail polish can't do. For the price, it really is a wonderful polish.. Infact I did a review on it not long ago, which you can see here I think I actually like this polish merely because it's the exact colour I've been after for a long time, I can see it sticking around on my nails for quite a while, it's perfect. But I have a feeling the shade I got over here isn't available in the UK, let me know if you come across it please!

Caudalie The Eye Cream (full-size £49.00 Look Fantastic) 
I must admit, I'm not overly familiar with eye creams.. I've never found the need to use them because 1. I have oily skin and 2. I don't suffer with bags/puffiness etc.. Until recently my eye area has been fine, however a month or so ago I started suffering with dry patches at the side of my eyelid. (this hasn't happened before) so I started using this Caudalie Eye Cream I'd received in a Space NK goodie bag last year and so far it's cleared up all my dry patches and made a perfect base for my eyeshadow application. I use it day and night and find it really works around my eye.. 

V05 Plump it Up Dry Shampoo (£3.59 Boots)
Firstly, I suffer from fine oily hair.. If I want it looking half decent I have to wash it everyday, so you can imagine the amount of dry shampoo I go through in order to avoid washing it all the time (because we all know that's no good for it) The V05 is a new product for me and I'm very impressed with the results I get, 'plump it up' it's in the name really isn't it.. It really does leave my hair more volumised and 'oomphed' the scent isn't too overpowering (I can't stand the Batiste scent) so that's a bonus, and it doesn't dry out your hair.. It just really gives it freshness and life. Thumbs up!

Pureology Volumizing Mousse for Colour Treated Hair (£4.99 Rush Shop)
I usually tend to avoid mousse, I usually make a mess of it and a couple of hours will pass after I leave it too dry and my hair is all stuck together and rock hard (yeah not the look I was going for) Recently I've been using this pureology Volumizing mousse I bought over from England and it really has worked it's magic on my hair.. It feels volumized, thicker, smells good.. And doesn't leave an annoying residue.. Infact my hair feels light and flowy as though it has no product in it.. hooray!

Natures Way Night Multivitamin for Women ($14.69 Chemist Warehouse Aus)
I think this is an Australian brand so only available over here, however it's a general feedback so really you can find something that works just the same in the UK. I'm very shitty when it comes to sleeping and actually sleeping at ease, I don't fall asleep easily, I wake up a couple of times a night and I often have nightmares. This vitamin is to be taken before bed and as described on the bottle it helps to:
- relax your body
- restore your cells
- restore your energy
- replenish your nutrients.
Now although it hasn't completely eliminated my night problems it has reduced them quite significantly, I.e I find it slightly easier to sleep and wake up less often.. Infact the vitamins ran out a couple of nights ago and I'm finding myself slipping back into the old habits before I purchased these two months ago. It has to be in my favourites because I've noticed such a difference, I wake up feeling ill quite frequently, and since I have been taken these it hasn't happened.. Actually the first night I didn't take them I woke up feeling sick. Not only does it have obvious affects, it also makes you feel like your doing something good for your body. Would definitely recommend a multivitamin like this for anyone who has trouble sleeping, anxiety problems, or feels as though they might want a boost for the next day.

Australian Pure Beauty Sensitive Sorbolene (Coles $6.00 Australian)
My skin has been drying up a lot recently in the more warmer climate of Australia, this was on offer in Coles and I decided to by it because I was in need of a new moisturiser for my body and it was labelled 'sensitive' which at the moment is a necessity because of the heat rashes / cuts I've been breaking out in.. It contains Kakadu plum extract and Vitamin E which leaves your skin feeling extra soft and moisturised. Sorbolene is good for any type of sensitive skin, eczema/rash etc. I've found throughout March it has helped my skin an awful lot. 

That's my March favourites, let me know yours!

judyrudybeauty xox