Wednesday, 12 March 2014

What's on today's face? ~ skincare

I thought I'd share with you todays pre-makeup skincare regime, in the mornings I tend to cleanse, every other day exfoliate, and then moisturise. - but I usually use a few little products before applying makeup to get my skin clear and glowing. 

Firstly, I started off with the 'nip + fab instance radiance daily moisturiser' my skin was feeling a little dry so I wanted to kick start it with something moisturising so the rest of the products could be applied smoothly. This moisturiser is great for tightening the skin, whilst hydrating. (+ it smells great)

2nd - 'soap&glory you won't believe your eyes' a tired eye moisturising serum, I suffer a lot from lack of sleep .. I just don't sleep, as much as I try I can't. So this really helps to brighten my eyes, reduce darkness and puff and also tightens under the eyelid. It can be applied both before and after makeup, although I prefer to apply before. 

3rd - 'Strivectin - get even serum' I wish I knew the correct name for this little wonder, I received it in a goody bag from space NK last year, and have really started to enjoy it recently. I apply it in particular to my cheek area where there's some redness / uneven skin tone and it seems to make me glow, plus it smells good! The packaging has worn away a lot so I can't read what it actually does it just seems to work! If anyone knows the actual name of this snazzy little number please leave a comment below!!

4th- 'Sarah Chapman - skinesis, skin tone perfecting booster' this is another handy little product a received in my space NK bag, it works really well with my previous product because they both do similar things, this formula is clear gel like, and rubs over the skin really well, evening out my skin tone. 

5th - 'by terry brightening serum' I also apply a tiny bit of this product along my cheeks because it seems to brighten them (duh as described!) and leave my face looking clear and refreshed.

6th - 'A-Derma intense repair lip balm' I apply this prior to makeup because I like to apply lipstick/balm over smooth lips, nothing worse than applying lipstick to chapped dry lips! It seems to work well, I received it in a glossy box last year, it has lasted me forever as you only need to apply a small amount to moisturise the entire lip. 

What is your pre-makeup routine? Any recommended items? Your thoughts on these? Please let me know in the comments box, and follow for more posts!