Saturday, 29 March 2014

The temporary Australian life..

Please note, this is not beauty related.. I just wanted to do something different.

Last year was a pretty difficult year for me, A-Levels, Break-ups, leaving my family and friends to come over here.. At 18 I wanted to experience different things and was sick of the same boring routine at home.. Australia came at the best time, I meet people out here and they say 'how are you doing this so young?' And to be honest it's not as difficult as it looks.. Once you're out here and settled, the big wide world isn't as scary as you once thought. There's so much to learn and see, the way of life is different and inspiring and I would literally recommend it to anyone. 

I started my journey in Toowoomba, Queensland, which at the time was great, I had friends and nightlife, shops and coffee.. Because this was my first proper place I'd stayed in Australia I didn't know any different, I'd been to Brisbane and it was so much more vibrant and city like I just thought of it as a major city (a bit like London, but not) but when I visited the Gold Coast for the weekend I was shocked at how much more of Australia there was, and how much better and more full of life the east coast was. When back in Toowoomba I literally longed for the sun and beach, the cool down to earth people.. Toowoomba was nice but I found everyone so miserable! I made the decision after 3 months to move state from Queensland to New South Wales, and stay in Byron Bay for the rest of my trip.. BEST DECISION I could have ever made. The state itself is completely different, where I am everyone is considered 'hippie / earthy like' which I love, people are so chilled and relaxed (even when they're not on pot) and I'm just so much more suited to this type of life.. Even if it is away from the City. 

Byron Bay is a beautiful town on the most easterly point of Australia. I've seen Snakes, Lizards, Geckos and Dolphins.. all very natural and if I wasn't technically a tourist it would be a norm to see these practically every day! The main square itself is packed full of shops, gelato&juice bars, licensed bars and quaint little coffee shops.. There are a few beaches to choose from but Main Beach seems to be popular. You can watch the sunset up on the hill by the beach with the rest of the locals and travellers whilst music is played out of a van or someone with a drum! It really is great. 

'The Pass' - where you'll find the most easterly point of Australia. 

Carols By the Sea at Christmas..
Drums at sunset. 

will be so sad to leave in April, this place has given me the opportunity to learn something new about the world and even myself, I'm more mature, independent and appreciative of the little things.. All of which are down to this experience alone, that I wouldn't change for the world.

Bit of an 'out there' post, and obviously not beauty related.. But I like to mix it up now and then so let me know if you'd like a second edition, or a more detailed post about my time here.

judyrudybeauty xox