Wednesday, 12 March 2014

The 'blush' collection..

Hello lovelies! I thought I'd do a blog post on my more current blushers that made it in the suitcase on my trip over to Oz, they range from high end buys to drugstore staple items, all of different colour, texture and lasting effect. 

Following the swatches from left - right you can see the difference in all shades, the powders are the first four with the last three cream. 

From left---

'Sleek blush in Flamingo - 8g - can be purchased from leading high street stores for around the £4.50 mark.. Bargain!'

This blush, out of all my blushes is the most pigmented and brightest of them all, really you only need a tiny bit on your brush (I opt for real techniques blush brush) you can't really build up on it because of the strong pigmentation, I only really find myself wearing this if I'm going out in the evening when I want my makeup to be more prominent. - overall a nice blush, sometimes a tad too overpowering but you can work it to suit you!

'NARS super orgasm - mini size blush - I was giving it as a gift, I think the size is rare but don't quote me on that, more likely to find in a gift set?'

This little beauty is the perfect pocket size for a night out or a small day bag, this and the other nars multiple blush are the only two that contain shimmer, giving your cheeks more of a glow, ideal for evening wear! The only problem I can say with this blush is the consistency, it really does take a lot of application and layers before you can actually notice it, it's not very pigmented and I suppose would work better with more pale skin, however once built up it does look lovely!!

'Too faced ultra flush powder brush in shade cocoa rose - sold out pretty much everywhere, anyone know if it's been discontinued? Please let me know!'

This pretty little blush is my favourite packaging of them all, it's small, sophisticated and almost shabby/vintage? The blush however isn't my favourite. The colour is so light, it takes a good few swatches to make a stand on my cheeks, as said for the NARS blush, it may suit more pale skin. 
A good product, just not for me. 

'Body Shop cheek colour - shade 10 - think it may have been discontinued as I purchased it last year in the sale and can't find it on the website - alternative may be the 'all in one blush' for £8, I've noticed some similar shades'

This blush is perfect if you want to opt out of the typical pinky coloured blushes. As shown, it is more on the orangey side and I find it's perfect for spring and summer as it makes you look more glowy and tanned. It's not highly pigmented which means you can build it up to how you desire! Yippeee

'MAC casual lip&cheek colour in the shade - weekend getaway - Limited edition back in 2012 (I think) so you'll be lucky to find out, however MAC do creme blushes of a similar texture

I actually prefer this product so much more as a blush than a lip balm, merely because it lasts hours longer on the cheek than it does the lip, however the smell is incredible! It's a rose colour, and I find isn't too pink.. In terms of texture it has a medium dewy finish, the sheen isn't too oily nor is it very stick (something you may find with cream blushers) perfect for dry skin, but works well with combination, sometimes I find it too dewy so I apply a transparent powder over it to almost 'calm it down' 
Overall a fab product!!

'Revlon Photoready cream blush in the shade Flushed - superdrug £5.99' 

I would definitely consider this product a dupe for the MAC casual lip & cheek, probably due to the similarities of the texture. Like my other cream blushes, I use the real techniques stippling brush to apply this, and I find the colour doesn't come out on my cheek as bright as it looks in the pot. The packaging is sleek and similar to the MAC, easy to travel with, small and compact, clearly going to last ages! I found it only lasted around 4 hours, but it's all dependent on the type of skin you have and the weather you're exposed to! It's a perfect summery colour, just don't be fooled by the brightness of the product in it's packaging!

'NARS Multiple in the shade Orgasm - SpaceNK £30'

It's written in the title, the NARS multiple is literally a little gem. It can be used on eyes, lips & cheeks, but I definitely sway more towards cheeks.. I just couldn't imagine this colour suiting my eye lids! I tend to whisk out the real techniques stippling brush and paint away on my cheeks, the colour itself is interesting, not too overpowering and not too pink. The powder blush version of this in the shade Orgasm, is almost a statement product in the blogging world and I can see why, I opted for this type of product because you're almost getting 3 for 1, however comparing it to the powder blush I have in the shade 'Torrid' the last time on the cheeks isn't as you would hope, and almost let's it down.. Fading on me after 3 hours. 
It's a pretty little product, creating it's sell point with it's multiple use, would I repurchase? Probably not.. Then again I can't see it running out anytime soon. 

That is my blush collection, the length of these posts are really getting out of hand. - let me know in the comments box what you thought of these products, what you'd recommend, any dupes, or any let downs!!

judyrudybeauty xox