Thursday, 20 March 2014

My Five 'In Bag' Essentials..

I used to be the worlds worst overpacker, and this was on a day to day basis.. I'm not talking holidays, etc, I'm talking going shopping or going out for the day, I would always bring too much and come home with the worse back ache from a heavy bag. - I think it may be a girl thing, because I know I'm not the only one! 

My makeup bag was waaaaay too big for my actual handbag, and I was bringing stuff out with me that really I did not need. 
So I narrowed it down to five obvious choices, and I thought I'd share them with you, because I to needed guidance when I was trying to downsize the weight of my bag. 

The first is a matte powder/ finishing powder / pressed powder. This is usually something you would apply at the end of makeup that gives it a flawless finish, if you're like me and you have oily skin, you will rely on this to de-shine your t-zone etc. I usually use the MAC Select Sheer Pressed in NC35 (currently) this is the perfect pick me up when my foundation may have faded if I've been out for a good few hours, or I'm feeling a little too glowy again, when your uneven skin starts reappearing, it hides any redness. I realise that foundation lasts a good few hours on my face, so realistically speaking I don't need to lung it around with me.

Next in line is the Real Techniques Powder Brush I need this to accompany my powder, and sometimes use it on it's own to even out with bronzer residue still left on it.

Now if you're a Lipstick kinda girl, you will definitely need to be bringing the lipstick you applied at the start of the day out with you. Throughout the day we eat, drink, lick our lips and expose ourselves to all kinds of weather (particularly if you're in England) our lipstick doesn't last as long as foundation and dependant on the lipstick type and what we do through the day it'll wear off quite clearly, Lip Gloss In particular doesn't last long, pop it in your bag, it's easy to apply throughout the day. The one I've closen for the photo is MAC in Rebel.

We're on number four, and unless you want dry hands, I usually tend to bring out a Hand Cream my current favourite is Caudalie for hands and nails. I like my hands to smell nice, feel nice and there's also nothing worse than picking up something with dry hands. They come in all sizes, and you can easily find one to fit all types of bags..

The last in the running is Perfume.. I always always always have to have perfume out with me, that's not to say I spray it every 5 mins but like powder you need a little pick me up throughout the day to carry on smelling sweet. I have mine in this clear little travel bottle, which I bought last year before australia because I lost my beloved Travalo bottle last year before the summer (I can't enter a link but google it! Handy little thing, that comes in all sorts of colours) currently I have the D&G No. 3 in this bottle, but it's not my current favourite, if you scroll down my posts you'll find my February favourites and the Beckham perfume. I actually broke the bottle for the D&G so I transferred it all into this little thing, which I now carry around in my bag.

There you have it, my top 5 bag essentials, what are your top five? 
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