Thursday, 20 March 2014

I've been nominated for a Liebster Award!

Firstly, i'd like to thank Lauren from Lauren Amy Blogs for nominating me for this award, its nice to be recognised as a new blogger and its almost reassuring that my posts are actually worth being read! so thats always a plus.. (and its definitely made my day!) Please check out her blog, for some great posts!

For those of you who are not sure how the 'Liebster Award' works, it is given, or nominated to upcoming new bloggers with less than 200 followers.. i will list my nominations below which I have chosen purely on a bloglovin basis.. (as its a very popular site to connect with other blogs)

Going by other blogs that have posted this post, the rules are as follows:
1. Firstly thank the person that voted for you and kindly leave a link to their site.. (ive also followed this person on bloglovin)
2. Write out an '11 facts about yourself'
3. Answer 11 questions that have been given to you by the nominator...
4. Nominate 11 up and coming bloggers with less than 200 followers.. bloglovin seems to be a norm for this
5. Get adventurous and create your own set of 11 questions for your nominees to answer..
6. Leave a comment on their blog with a link to your post, letting them know you've nominated them for the award and it isnt a spam..

Time for the '11 Facts About Me':
> I am currently in Australia on a gap year post A-Levels, I have been here since August 2013 and will be returning to England in April
> My second favourite things in life apart from the obvious Beauty industry, is Music, oh how I love music.
> I'm too organised, I feel lost without plans and lists.
> I actually enjoyed school, and miss it.
> September 2014 I will start my training to be a makeup artist..
> I go on holiday with my family every year, my parents are hooked on Greece and we usually spend two weeks of the summer there, on a different island from the last.
> I'm left handed.
> I sing, alot.
> I'm a huge Johnny Cash & Norah Jones fan.. (like the contrast?)
> I'm passionate about culture and the wide variety of it in the world, therefore I would love to travel the world, and plan on doing so.
> I love disney, i'm a kid at heart.

Here are the answers to the Questions I was given from Lauren:

What is your favourite thing about blogging?

I think for me, I like sharing things with other people, I've always been into writing, I studied English at A-Level and have read a ton of books since I can remember.. I'm a very passionate person about a number of things - beauty being one of them and I feel I can get lost in my blog, it's my own little something.

What inspired you to create your blog?
I really got into makeup/skincare last year, I've always been a fan but I started learning the more technical side of it. I started reading other blogs, and YouTube videos.. and then realised that I could actually do it myself. Claire from Beauty and Le Chic was one of the first blogs I ever read, and still read..

Do you plan on blogging still in the future or is it more of a 'temporary' thing for you?
I definitely plan on sticking around, I enjoy it.. I like testing new products and sharing them with my followers.. I like the monthly favourites, FOTD, empties etc.. When I arrive back home I'll probably be reviewing more as I'll be in a better position to purchase products!

What is your favourite app?
This is tricky, I want to say Twitter but it's actually been boring me recently.. and I find the blogger and bloglovin app awful! Oh my goodness, I've only just remembered Spotify, how could I forget.. I'm addicted. It's the best for discovering new artists and finding playlists that suite your music taste. Paying for premium is well worth it to!

If you had to use just one beauty product for the rest of your life, what would it be?
Mmm, Mascara. I would never have said that two years ago but I really can see a difference when I apply mascara, I'm lucky enough not to suffer with bad skin so foundation wouldn't be a necessity.

What's your favourite 'non beauty' product?
Can I say TV programmes? It's not really a product but I'm into so many programmes.. I've actually lost count of how many I watch, I'm so addicted, it's so bad..

What's your favourite item of clothing in your wardrobe? 
Most people might reply to this question with a really expensive jacket or a top designer dress, or shoes from a high end brand.. But actually, I have this one jumper right, and I think it's from New Look.. Anyways it's has a lot of holes in it, and it's ready to check out but it's so comfy I can't even bring myself to do it.. I wear it a lot, and I'm not an extreme fashion conscious person so it doesn't bother me.

What do you do in your free time?
Currently in Australia, I spend my free time Blogging, spending time at the Beach, I'm very into Photography, so I enjoy getting out and taking some photographs.. Cafe bars (coffee addict hello) Juice & Smoothie bars.. Cinema, eating out etc. When I'm in England I usually find something to do with friends.

What is your current favourite social network? 
mmm I'd say Instagram.

What have you gained from blogging?
I enjoy it in general really, I've gained a better knowledge on products whether that be high end or drugstore .. foundation or eye shadows.. And I think I'm more me, with a blog.

Who is your favourite Youtuber?
I want to say Zoella, mainly because I love her personality.. I think she seems like a great person, but I love Essie button and Tanya Burr for their reviews, looks etc.

My Nominations for the 'Liebster Award' are:

Here are my 11 questions for you:

1. What or who inspired you to become a blogger?

2. Stranded on a desert island, would you rather mascara or foundation? and why?
3. Where is the furthest place you have travelled to?
4. What would be your 'dream' job?
5. One quote you live by?
6. Favourite beauty brand?
7. Who is your icon? and why?
8. High street or High end brands?
9. Favourite book you have ever read and why?
10. Favourite season?
11. Describe a typical Saturday for you..

Let me know on Twitter (@jesssokeefe) once you have answered my questions, as I'd love to have a read. Have fun with it!

Judyrudybeauty xox