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I'm back! / February favourites 2014

I haven't posted in a long time, I'm currently in Australia on a gap year, exploring and experiencing a different part of the world - whilst learning to be a mum, housewife and cleaner! Part-time.

I practically bought my WHOLE makeup collection over here with me, infact the majority of my suitcase was makeup and skincare products with very little room for clothes! I had this big idea that I would blog from Australia with all the spare time I'd have on my hands - post school, mmmm don't think that was actually the case! I've been super super busy, visiting cities, beaches, hot spots, you get the drift and only now have I thought about my overly neglected blog. 

I thought I'd kick off with some February favourites, tried and tested all through February, vastly becoming my 'go-to' products/ interests throughout. Warning - this is a long entry.


Toni&Guy Nourish / Cleanse shampoo and conditioner for blondes

The story behind the purchase of these hair products is actually that I didn't intend on buying the 'for blondes' version (this is why I should actually be a blonde) I picked it up accidentally, not sure why I think I was just overly excited that they were on offer, 2 for $20. I was slightly disappointed when I got home and realised my fault but nether less I didn't want to waste the product (or take another 45 min drive to the nearest shopping centre #countrylife) I was infact very surprised with these products and would definitely repurchase. Being over in Australia my hair has naturally got lighter and previous highlights I've had has started to come through, this shampoo and conditioner enhanced my natural and dyed highlights, and overall my hair is generally lighter. It also nourished and moisturised my dull hair, which was needed especially in this heat, so overall I was impressed and would definitely repurchase. 

MAC select sheer pressed powder in shade NC35 

I purchased this little beauty when I was visiting a friend in Sydney during the new year, we had spent the week exchanging and sharing our thoughts on each others makeup and I was swayed towards buying a pressed powder as my Laura Mercier one had ran out. I opted for the MAC one merely due to the rave and reviews over it, and as of yet I have not been disappointed. This powder is extremely light yet gives the results of a flawless finish, infact because my face has naturally tanned out here and in general my skin has been pretty good, on the odd occasions I wear this alone with no other face product, just because it evens my skin tone, and hides all signs of heat sweat!! Highly recommended product and MAC's website retail it at £20 so a bargain for the consistency and long lasting effect it has.

Intamitely Beckham - eau de toilette 75ml - $25

So my cult D&G no.3 perfume's cap broke on me about 2hrs before my flight to sydney, so whilst I was away I looked out for a perfume that wasn't too expensive and smelt good. A friend over here where's this perfume and always smelt amazing so I opted for a smell I was familiar with, I don't usually like or sway towards celebrity perfumes, so was pleasantly surprised with this. I originally saw it in Myers - Sydney, Westfield and for the $50 price tag for a 50ml I wasn't going for it, as I was wondering around Priceline they had a Christmas sale offer on pretty much every perfume and this one was $25 for 75ml so you can imagine my little dance of joy I had. I have used this ever since buying it back at the beginning of January, and is still my favourite. 

MAC face and body foundation C5 -  £21.50 MAC online.

This foundations I was swayed to from all the positive blog reviews I'd read about it, I purchased it in duty free on my way over to Australia, after attempting to purchase it in duty free on my way to Greece but the silly sales lady giving me the wrong foundation.. (Note to self, open the package before boarding the plane) the majority of views I've found for this product have genuinely been positive but I've noticed a few mentioning spot breakouts etc, I've never really had a problem with spots or acne so I thought I'd give it ago. I first used it just after arriving in Australia and was really really disappointed, my skin broke out real bad and I put the product down for 5 months. I picked it up again in January when I realised the breakout could of been down to the 28hr journey on a plane in high altitude, which in general is meant to be shitty for your skin.. I LOVE it now, literally, it is my go to, it is so light on, you can choose to have a light coverage or heavy coverage, I use it lightly with bronzer and powder, and love the texture and feel of it on the skin. It lasts on me for around 9 hrs which I feel is pretty good, and more than I need.. I've been using it pretty much everyday for the last two months and the 50ml bottle is still half full.. Overall big thumbs up!!

Clinique Lash Power mascara - long wearing formula - Boots £17

My mum gave me this mascara last year when she received it in one of those Clinique offer bags, I hadn't opened it until well into Australia, I was addicted to cliniques high impact mascara, and wasn't backing away from that just yet! I started using this in February and have been using it ever since. The brush is very thin which is not to everyone's taste, but I find it's far more easier to get every last bit of lash, it volumises, lengthens and brightens my eyes without much applying and I will definitely be repurchasing once back on English soil.

Nip & Fab anti wrinkle gift set - £12.50 - ASOS

I was in dying need of some new skincare and opted for a set that would give me a decent enough routine and wasn't too expensive for my small Australia budget. My mum actually recommended this to me in the beginning of Feb as she to had it, but had purchased it from TK-Maxx. I was scanning ASOS (free worldwide delivery, duh!) and came across it, instantly buying it with my mums recommendation and the reasonable price tag. Now I wouldn't usually go for a 'wrinkle' type product because I'm 19 and can't say I have wrinkles yet, but the idea of these products is to create firmness in the skin, and it actually has done so! The fragrance is refreshing and I have been using it for a couple of weeks now, day and night, no spots, clearer and brighter skin! Definitely recommend. 

Some bonus 'non-beauty' favourites..

Downton Abbey - okay so I never really understood the hype over downton abbey, my mum is addicted Nd Ali s my gran for that matter so it never really interested me, holy moly am I hooked!! I watched the first couple of episodes 3 weeks ago, and now I'm on season 3.. It is probably the best British TV series I've watched in a long time.. Watch watch watch it people!!

Spotify - I'm hooked. Spotify is amazing for finding new artists, rekindling love for old music and listening to pre-made playlists depending on your mood, check it out!

I warned you this would be a very very long post, once I start typing I literally cannot stop. Please leave a comment below with any questions or reviews on any of the products listed above.. Or if you have any alternatives you think I might be interested in.. I'm always on the look out! 
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