Saturday, 15 June 2013

the small MAC lipstick collection..

been a while since I last posted, school and exams was probably the most stressful few months of my life, but now i'm FREE! yes free, its time to get cracking with some more blog posts on my ever growing makeup and skincare collection.
from left to right: Impassioned, Up The Amp, Rebel and Ruby Woo

MAC lipsticks have been around forever and are for sure one of the most talked about lipstick of all time.
I remember in secondary school people used to hype about purchasing MAC items because at the time they would cost like the whole of your pocket money on one lipstick, which would kill, but at the end of the day you would become the proud owner of a MAC product.

Although I only have four, I wanted to do this collection blog post because I am most definitely on the look out for some new colours for the upcoming (hopeful) summer. MAC lipsticks are all so highly pigmented, and last forever! They smell AMAZING. literally, not entirely sure how to describe it but I would go for a vanilla scent.

Ruby Woo-

very pigmented, and sure to make your lips ruby red. This is probably my most worn lipsticks out of every single one I own, you can go brave with a deep matte finish, or go 'semi-brave' by applying it lightly giving you a warm red tone, rather than the deep blood red.

Rebel -

this is probably second in the running of my 'most worn' list. Like most MAC lipsticks, (actually pretty much every) it is pigmented to the max! It can be a deep burgundy purple, or a light purple. lovely colour!

Impassioned - 

this is a VERY and I mean very bright pinky/corally colour. MAC described this product as an 'amped up fuschia' I consider it more of a neon/bright pink edging towards red. Honestly, i've only probably worn it out once since I bought it, and I think its because i'm not daring enough. But summer is coming and i'm sure it'll be packed in my holiday suitcase.

Up The Amp -

Both purple shades, but completely different from each other, I consider 'up the amp' to be more of a lighter/summery purple to MAC's 'rebel'. However, that isn't saying it is not bold, because it most certainly is. Looking at it in it's packaging, it looks a lot more daunting than it is when applied. I'm sure the more you build it up the brighter and bolder it becomes, but that is down to you. Perfect vibrant colour for the summer.

what are your 'go to' MAC summer colours?

jess xox