Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Small Boots Haul!

I should probably stop splashing out on products but when i'm out and about I cannot help but pull myself into the shops that guggle up my limited supply of money!

I found myself wondering into Boots yesterday with the intention to buy a new smaller makeup bag, and JUST that. However, my beauty addiction got the better of me..

First off, I fell in love with the Ted Baker Makeup Bag, its small and chic with a very pretty sea like ocean pattern, the ideal size for my make up as I usually use the Cath Kidston medium make up bag but often find it takes up a lot of room in my bag, with unnecessary makeup items I don't even need to bring out with me anyway, so this TB beauty bag is ideal. It has a small compartment inside (see photo) not sure what i'll use it for but i'll find something for it
Its £8 which I feel is reasonable for how pretty and practical it is!

Lots of you reading this are probably well aware of the Boots No7 £5 off voucher on any skincare items.. (annoying how they've stopped doing beauty items!) I had one in my purse with only four days left to use, so this was my excuse in splurging out on No7..
i've been after a good eye makeup remover for a while now, and I spotted the bright blue No7 Beautiful Skin Eye Makeup Remover for £8.50 and thought it would be ideal to use with my voucher.... OH but then I spotted the Make Up Brush Cleanser which was £8.00 and I considered my brushes at home that needed a serious clean and thought why not, its not expensive and after having a quick glance at the directions it looked pretty easy and simple to use.
I made my way to the No7 counter and as I was paying, the sales assistant said there was currently a 3 for 2 offer on all No7 products so I could get a third item free! yay. I took a quick glance at everything and chose the 'No7 Stay Perfect Nail Colour in Blackcurrant' it was £6.00 so it came free.

So happy with my purchases, I am wearing the blackcurrant nail colour now and have used the brush cleanser which is actually AMAZING. However, the eye make up remover is slightly disappointing for me because I obviously didn't read the description properly and it contains the most oily mix I have ever used on my already oily skin which some people actually like however I HATE. I used it but had to quickly remove the excess oil from the lotion with my 'this works fresh skin toner'