Tuesday, 26 March 2013

NARS Blush

NARS blush, in the beautiful colour 'Torrid'...

this was my first EVER Nars product! I've always been put off by NARS' hefty price tags, but I took the plunge and after continuously looking at other girls blogs I went into Space.NK with the hopes of buying a NARS blush...

the lady in Space.NK was really helpful, and despite my 'umming' and 'ahhing' she encouraged me to try out 'torrid' almost straight away. When looking at all the different blush colours its important to swatch, the colour can tend to appear far different in the packaging than actually applied. I was pleasantly surprised with my colour once it was on.

The Packaging ---

i've fallen in love with NARS' sleek packaging, it looks nice, it feels nice and it isn't too bulky! The packaging itself has a lovely rubbery texture, although it does gets dirty very easily.

The Blush Itself ---

I have to admit, this is the first blush i've ever owned that has lasted all day! it's very well pigmented but takes a good few swatches in order to get a good colour.. application is easy and smooth leaving you feel like you haven't just caked a load of make up on. The blush contains a little amount of shimmer, but I would say more on the satin side.
The colour is a perfect peachy/corally, and is ideal for this long awaited spring (if it ever comes) ..

It retails in Space.NK for £21.50 and I believe you can buy it for the same price in ASOS. However I recommend swatching your blush first, different complexions may take differently to colours.. I've seen a lot of mention of this blush being more for olive/tanned skins.. My skin colour nude/olive. However, NARS have a good number of different colours to choose from so you're bound to find your perfect colour. - and I also found going myself going into space NK with the cult favourite 'orgasm' in mind, but coming out with a completely different shade.