Thursday, 21 February 2013

Some Products from L'Oreal's 'Magique' range..

now I'm not usually a huge fan of L'Oreal, don't get me wrong they're probably on the better scale of the high street brands, but when they introduced their new 'Nude Magique BB Cream' in January 2012, I thought why not try it? - i've been addicted since.

now the bargain hunter I am, saw an offer in boots a few months back 'buy 3 selected products from L'Oreal  and get a free beauty box' (the beauty box contained a lipstick - so I had to) I thought about what I actually needed at the time and went for:

Another bottle of the Nude Magique BB Cream in shade 'Medium'
The Lumi Magique 'stylo touche de lumiere' which is basically described as a 'touch of light - highlighting pen' which I actually use as a concealer, and is at boots labelled as a concealer.
and the Lumi Magique Base Pure Light Primer.

Literally ADORE these three products, I cannot rave about them enough.

'Nude Magique BB Cream'
described as a '5 in 1 - mimics the texture and glow of perfect bare skin'
24hr hydration & SPF 12. ( a little bonus for the holiday)
It is colour adapting, which means it'll come out on your skin, pigmented white until you rub it in..
retailing at boots for £9.99 (BARGAIN) and i've had it since December, with at least 40% of the bottle left, meaning its lasted quite a while!

For those of you are who aren't familiar with a 'BB cream' - (don't worry I wasn't last year) I basically see it as a mixture between a tinted moisturiser and a foundation, it appears and feels as light as a tinted moisturiser but has more coverage, further towards a foundation type without feeling caked! BB creams are perfect for holiday nights out, especially the colour adapting ones. If you're one of the lucky buggers that happens to tan on holiday you will be very happy with a BB cream! so you're feeling tanned and pretty ready to go out for dinner, but your face is looking a bit red, blotchy and peely, BB creams are awesome at giving you the light coverage! also if you're feeling a bit vulnerable by the pool surrounded by a group of reasonably good looking boys, you can also use it during the day as most bb creams have an SPF, like I said L'Oreal's has an SPF of 12, which is quite low in comparison to other creams, such as Philosophy's new 'Be Your Best BB Cream' which has a SPF of 30, retailing at £22.50 from boots.

Having gone on about being on holiday, (i know its winter and we all want it to be summer, so I am sorry) this BB cream is also perfect for the days where you don't feel upto caking on the foundation and just want something light and dewy. - making you look natural and sort of 'alive' - if you get my jist.

now enough about my opinion! L'Oreal has described this BB cream as..

Our first self-adjusting BB Cream. Nude Magique BB Cream transforms right before your eyes. Enriched with Smart Pigment Capsules in a feather light feel hydrator which transforms into a foundation on contact with skin. Skin looks flawless and even with a dewy glow.

the only obvious drawback from this cream is the amount of shades available - TWO! seriously L'Oreal, step up, not all of us our 'fair/light' and 'medium' but I suppose the colour adapting effect gives this justice.
'L'Oreal Lumi Magique Primer'
-described as a  pure light BASE primer
- retails from boots at £9.99
- smooths into the skin with its light unique liquid, boosting liveliness and luminosity 

now I see this primer as something I go to for more of a bright/highlighting - I want to look fresh day, it is the opposite to the mattifying products, infact it doesn't mattify at all! if anything it makes my skin glow. Now my skin tone is fairly dull, and it may not work as well on darker skin tones because of how brightening it is.. (I can imagine it making you look a lot lighter than you are) so steer clear if you're a lucky tanned gal. UNLESS you want a bit of brightening in your life..

still despite all the lightening, it does act as a good base for your foundation/bb cream etc.. it highlights under my eyes and I tend to use it on top of my matte primer (body shop's skin primer matte it - i'll review that at a later date) so with this primer, I tend to aim towards the cheekbones, under the eyes or anywhere that I feel needs a highlight! so realistically, I see it as less of a base, but more of a highlighter. perfect for creating a bone structure!

Loreal have described it as -
~ L'Oreal Paris Lumi Magique Primer provides a light enriching base which illuminates the skin. Provides up to 8 hours of hydration. ~

I saved the best till last... 

'Loreal Lumi Magique Concealer'
- described as a 'highlighting pen' 
- retails in boots currently at £8.49
- helps brighten the appearance of eyes, and prevents blotching and redness.

this concealer has literally become a part of my everyday make up routine. It is the concealer of all concealers. (in my opinion)
now I never used to be one to notice the horribly looking bags under my eyes, and before I purchased this concealer I never really understood the point in them, maybe its because i'd never found a concealer that had given me so much light yet great coverage as this one. Many people have actually described this concealer as the high street answer to the very famous 'YSL's touche eclat'.. which I suppose is great for £8.49? even the packaging is similar! of which I was very much attracted to when purchasing this item.. 
this item is a bright concealer, so not only does it hide the unwanted circles, or uneven skin tone but it also brightens up the area on your face!
currently, it comes in 3 shades    light/medium/dark    I played it safe and got the medium shade. (I was buying online!) but even that is still a little light, I haven't tried the dark yet, but when my current concealer runs out i'll purchase the dark! just a tad worried it may be slightly too dark! one of L'Oreal's draw backs is its lack of shades available, but who knows they may introduce some new shades!

Okay, thats my review done! Now i'm a massive blog fan, who thrives on peoples opinions and reviews, so tell me.. what's your favourite BB Cream? Concealer? Primer?

Jess xox