Saturday, 26 January 2013

My makeup 'area'

Basically figured everyone uploads pictures of what they call their make up 'area/desk/station' so I thought I'd share mine, I suppose it's not the best of looking and too be honest it looks pretty daunting, but it works for me.. I can safely say it is a working progress!

Seriously anyone who does not have any kind of acrylic storage GET SOME, adding this little baby changed everything. I have a section for different types of cosmetics it's great! But realistically I definitely need more.. Being the cheap skate that I am, I bagged this for £10 in wilkinsons! However I have started the big drool over the brand 'muji' and their amazing acrylic storage items.

Also, there are the odd couple of 'pots' in the photo, the chic girl that I am was attracted to these around Christmas time from Sainsburys and I could see them being a practical solution for my ever-growing make up brushes (that need a good clean) and my eyeliners/mascaras.

This blog is literally a slow progress so bear with me! I'll try and review some of my favourite cosmetics soon, but I'm just getting used to this thing! And I felt that an overall post may be a good start

I'm always Instagram so look out for some photos on there! -jesssokeefe