Monday, 9 January 2017

#LFBEAUTYBOX - January 2017

'And so the adventure begins..' I bloody love that, its true right? we are officially heading into 2017, with goals, ambitions and planned adventures - so Look Fantastic really hit the nail on the head with this month's theme. 

Thursday, 5 January 2017

A trip to Bicester Village..

(photo taken December 2015 by me)Just after Christmas I had some time off and having been on the look out for a purse for literally a whole year, I took a trip with my friend Laura to Bicester Village (so overdue) .. now if you know Bicester Village you can automatically assume it would be chaos, three days after boxing day when all the reductions of already reduced designer bits are in full swing.. I was expecting a manic brawl for everything, but it was pleasant, bearable and I ended up coming home with YES A PURSE & a couple of other bits too..
If you've never been to Bicester before, nor heard of it.. Its a designer outlet 'village' in the heart of Oxfordshire, boasting a whole load of variety of shops from Kate Spade - all the way up to Burberry.. (you can see the full listing here) with brilliant reduced prices on current and out of season stock. Its 100% worth checking out, and I go at least a couple of times a year, if not more as its about an hour from home. You can make a day of it, (well tbh by the time you're done you realise you've been there all day anyways) - with lots of options to eat/drink.

Sunday, 1 January 2017

HELLO 2017

Well now 2016 is up, I assume like most people over the past couple of days i've been able to reflect on the year and its consistent up's and many downs. at the beginning of 2016 I started with so much optimism of what it would entail and so much hope that it could be the best year yet, and to be honest without being a complete scrooge over it it's probably been one of the worst years.

Saturday, 17 December 2016

#LFXMAS - Look Fantastic Beauty Box December 2016

Look Fantastic Beauty Box - December 2016 Edition
I've been receiving these boxes for a year now, and overall I have very mixed views on whether i'd like to continue my subscription.. (this blog is all about honesty right?) - this is what i'd of said a couple of months ago, but I see myself renewing for another year purely based on November's amazing box (you can see my review on that here) and December's box as they have been so great, and so suited to me & what I like to try! I usually find them too samey or not enough reflection of me.. but the last couple of months i've been seriously impressed..